The Blue eye is a spring of water located in Al-Medina, Saudi Arabia. This spring was built during the Umayyad reign by the order of the Caliph Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan, and supervised during construction by Marwan Ibn Al-Hakam who was the governor of Al-Madina at that time. It was named after the blue eyes of the CaliphMuawiyaIbn Abi Sufyan. It was and still is considered as the primary source of drinking water for the citizens of Al-Medina since its inception in year 51h.

The Blue Eye

It’s our gift from god for all the residents of the good Taibah lands

The Blue Eye

The Blue Eye building, located opposite to Al Salam Gate back in the fifties

The Blue Eye

The Blue Eye in the fifties

About Taibah Water Factory

  • One of factories of Saudi Arabia company for food products.
  • The factory was established in 1400H with a capital of 10 million Saudi Riyals, production began in early 1402.
  • The current productivity is now recording 20,000Boxes/Day, or the equivalent of 76 million bottles/Year of both Sizes.
  • The factory is currently having121 workers and technicians..

The factory uses the best and the latest equipment in terms of performance and high tech.which includes:

  • Two stations for water purification, sterilization and sweetener.
  • Two packing lines.
  • Ten machines for manufacturing bottles
  • Ten machines for manufacturing covers..
  • Bottles are being manufactured in both sizes and stored in special tanks by dragging air, then transferred to packing Department for wrapping, all steps are carried out automatically until reaching the hands of our customerspure and healthy. .

Awards and Certificates


  • gallon, 18.9 liter
  • Bottle 0.5 liter
  • Bottle, 1.5 liter
  • Bottle 0.600 ml
  • Bottle 0.330 ml
  • cup, 0.330 ml

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